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Pari Full Movie With English Subtitles Download For Hindi [Latest]




The film was released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment on July 1, 2001. Plot Ruksana (Sorcha Cusack) has just fled from an abusive home after being raped by her husband. As she begins to take her first steps outside of the house, she meets an Indian man named Ajay (Rajiv Kanakala) who claims to be a friend of her husband. He tries to convince her to go back to him, and after seeing him being violent toward her, she refuses. Ajay takes her into a forest and tells her of a nearby village where he will get her a job. He also tells her about a nearby shaman and takes her to the village, where she sees the shaman (Raj Rada) and his house. Ajay leaves Ruksana in the forest and goes to get money for her, but he is kidnapped by the shaman, who takes Ajay's driver and cab into the forest. When Ruksana hears that, she is concerned for Ajay and follows the cab, only to find Ajay's driver dead and the cab burned. Ruksana goes back to the shaman's house where she finds Ajay tied to a bed and the shaman attempting to rape her. She saves him, but when she returns, the shaman makes her strip and tells her she is going to be his next "slave bride". He then throws her out of the house, causing her to fall off the porch. She runs back into the house and finds Ajay unconscious. The shaman pulls Ajay's driver's body out of his cab and uses it to scare her into opening the door for him. He then chains her up to a post, and leaves, telling Ruksana that Ajay is going to live. Ruksana struggles with her restraints for some time, until a spider crawls out of the web and bites her on the hand. She is then released from her restraints, and runs to Ajay's truck, which is still there. When she begins to open the truck's door, she sees a skeleton in the back and falls in, only to find Ajay still alive. She frees him and the two begin to make their way back to the shaman's house. As they do, they hear a girl (Gisele Bündchen) calling for help from outside, and Ajay goes to look, only to come back with a rock in hand. Ajay starts beating the shaman with it, and



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Pari Full Movie With English Subtitles Download For Hindi [Latest]

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