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Second Annual

Reef Runner Sailing Offshore Regatta

St. Andrew Bay | Preferred Channel Marker

to Safe Water Buoy and Back! 

November 20, 2022


10AM | NOV. 20th

Starting line is at the Preferred Channel Marker (near City Marina). Racers must cross the starting line by 10AM. Sail out the pass, around the Safe Water Marker and back to Preferred Channel Marker. After party anchor up at Red Fish Point! 


St. Andrew Bay - starting line at the Preferred Channel Marker near the City Marina. Sail around the Safe Water Marker (3 mile line) and back to the Preferred Channel Marker. Finish line is crossing past the Preferred Channel Marker again. 


This is an informal just-for-fun race without the pressure of race fees, insurance, club dues, PHRF rating sheets, etc. 


Sign-up your boat and crew using the form below to compete in the race.


View who is signed-up and specs about the boats you are competing against from our Regatta Race Participants details page. 

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  1. Time Keeping
    Starting line begins at the Preferred Channel Marker near the City Marina in St. Andrew Bay. All boats must keep their own race timer. Start the clock at Preferred Channel Marker. Racers must be across the start line by 10AM. Sail out the pass and around the Safe Water Marker (3 mile line) and back. The race finishes as you pass the Preferred Channel Marker again. Stop your clocks as soon as you pass the marker and record time. Text overall race time, boat name, and skipper name to 850-890-1120.

  2. Sailing
    This is a sailboat race. Only sailboats may enter. You must sail all the way there. No wind? Time to get that spinnaker out! In all fun and fairness, we want you to compete safely. Use your engine if needed, but DNF yourself from the race results.


  1. How do I sign-up?
    Use the sign-up form to enter your boat and crew. Please include both an email and contact phone number for the skipper (or primary contact). This information will be used to contact racing teams in the event of cancelations, changes to the race details, updates, and more.


  2. How are race winners determined?
    Our goal is to keep things fun and informal. We will declare the winner as the boat/crew with fastest time across the finish line with PHRF rating. Racing timing will be on the honors system and recorded by yourself. Start your stopwatch at the "starting line" at the Preferred Channel Buoy in St. Andrew Bay. Stop your stopwatch after you have sailed around the Safe Water Marker and sail pass the Preferred Channel Buoy again. First there with best time, wins!


  3. What are PHRF ratings?
    Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) is a handicapping system used for yacht racing in North America. It allows dissimilar classes of sailboats to be raced against each other. The aim is to cancel out the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each class of boats, so that results reflect crew skill rather than equipment superiority (view source of definition). We will be using the PHRF-NE Base Handicap ratings guide to determine each boat's PHRF rating if it is not provided on the sign-up form. 

  4. How many nautical miles is this course?
    Preferred Channel Buoy to Safe Water Marker and back is ___ nautical miles. 

  5. What is the after party after the race? 
    For any who wants to continue the fun after the race, anchor at Red Fish Point. Choose to raft-up with other boats or anchor near-by!

  6. What about weather?
    We'll watch weather closely as November 20th approaches. If it looks like we need to cancel the race, all participants will be contacted via email and/or phone number that is provided on the sign-up form. 


  7. What do winners get? 
    This race is free to participate. The goal is to have fun and get out sailing with the best sailors in Panama City, Florida! Winners get bragging rights and an excuse to head out the Pass.

Sign-Up Form

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